By Angie McBride (Afternoons producer)

Welcome back to Adelaide Hughsey! We have missed you!

Dave Hughes’ 2014 Adelaide Fringe show is so, so very Pointless, but so, so very funny.

Hughsey is back with his classic, angry but laidback style of comedy (yes the two go together in this show!) and the audience lapped it up and loved every second!

Pointless attacks many topics including Hughsey’s fridge, his washing machine, the drive-through, his dog, his cat, his wife and his kids…the list goes on. Nothing is off limits. I know now why he is on blood pressure pills. He’s very angry, but we love him for it. He’s only saying what most of us secretly think!

Dave Hughes Pointless is our very own Counselling session without the cost and having to pour out your emotions to someone while you are on the couch.

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