By Tom Collins of Edinburgh STV.TV

Hughesy (as he is affectionately known in his homeland) has been entertaining people Down Under for years now.

From his breakfast radio show in the morning, to presenting The Project on Network Ten in the evening, Hughesy’s deadpan patter delivered in his drawling Aussie accent was never far from people’s eyes and ears.

However, last year, he decided to take a step off the media ladder to return to his first love: stand-up – and to spend more time with the wife and kids.

This year he has travelled all over the globe with his brand new show Pointless. And now, after almost 15 years, Hughesy is returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

 Edinburgh Festival Fringe  - Dave Hughes

Although being a household name on the other side of the world, Hughesy is relatively unknown beyond Australia’s borders. An experience that he is finding bitter sweet.

“I’m not going to deny it, I am not getting a lot of media attention here,” explained the 43-year-old Melburnian.

“It’s difficult to convince people. I’m like, ‘I’m a big name, honest. Google me. I’ve got lots of Twitter followers, too. I’ve even been on Neighbours. I’m a real Australian!’

“It’s funny using public transport abroad though, because every now and again there is an Aussie there too who all of sudden goes, ‘Oh my god, Hughesy’s on the train’ and then asks for selfies.

“You see everyone else go, ‘Who the hell is that? Why is that person getting excited about that guy?'”



Dave Hughes’ latest advert for Australian Physiotherapy Association

Hughesy’s new show focuses on the pointlessness of life but, as he explained, this is not as morbid as it sounds. It is a a positive way of thinking negatively; a liberating philosophy.

He continued: “I’ve always said the way to relax in life is to have the mantra that ‘we’re all going to be dead one day’. So you don’t need to worry about that.

“Everything is pointless basically. In a billion years the Sun is going to burn out, the planet is doomed and nobody is going to remember us.

“So, Pointless is a way to relax. It’s pointless to worry basically.

“Some people say that’s depressing, but I think it’s liberating – liberated from all your mistakes.

“I suppose it’s part of the Australian cliché of ‘No worries, mate’.”



His Pointless tour has taken him and his family all over Australia then on to Los Angeles, Montreal, London and now here in Edinburgh.

Dave has been married to Australian journalist Holly Ife since 2006 and together they have three children, Rafferty, five, Sadie, three, and Tess, one.

Although he said that it is great to be able to spend so much time with his young family, he admitted that it can be tough going.

He said: “It’s fun. It’s tiring, don’t get me wrong, I mean when I am leaving at 8.30pm at night to go to my 9.30pm show most of the kids are going to bed, or are already asleep and I am thinking I wouldn’t mind doing that myself.

“I feel like I am experiencing what it is like to be a stay-at-home parent – it’s just constant demands.

“But it is great. I’m getting the best of both worlds. Getting to experience a family holiday then go off and do what I love every night. I’m very happy.”

After doing more than 200 shows so far this year, it’s no wonder Dave is happy. However, as he explained, it is the audience that make all the difference.

He said: “There are a lot of Aussies that turn up, but they drag along their mates. I’ve been hanging out with the crowds afterwards and I’m feeling really good about the shows.

“I love international crowds though. It’s great when someone comes up to you without an Australian accent and tells me I am really funny.”

Dave Hughes - Comedian - Pointless world tour

Dave Hughes’ Pointless will be on at the Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) from Tuesday, August 19 until Saturday, August 23. For more information and how to book tickets please visit the official Edinburgh Festival Fringe website.

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